Finest Quality Glass

Glass is thought to have been originally discovered by the Phoenician merchants of the first century. Glass production methods were advanced rapidly by the Romans.

In the 5th century, glass makers discovered that adding certain metal oxides to the sand and soda mixture produced colors in the finished glass. It was found that silver turns glass yellow, iron turns it green, gold makes pink, and gold mixed with copper turns it rose red, to name a few.

Glass reached its pinnacle in Medieval times, as glass was produced with outstanding color and strength. It was during this period that the techniques of glass painting and enameling that Elizabeth uses were perfected.


Unfortunately, the technology used today to produce large quantities of perfect glass in a wide range of colors does so at the cost of the richness and variety of textures that antique glass embodies.

Fine quality works of stained glass cannot be made with cheap modern glass, and there are very few manufacturers of fine glass remaining. Elizabeth uses only the finest modern and antique glass in her pieces. For this reason, she is constantly looking for sheets of glass to salvage, and is an avid collector of fine glass.



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