The Design Process

Elizabeth typically sits down with a client to discuss what they want in a design, and makes suggestions based on her vast experience. Since every piece is original and made to order, the possibilities are endless. She will then produce design sketches, which are reviewed by the client. However, many customers who are familiar with her work prefer to give her free rein, and they are never disappointed!

Windows are designed in the context of the space it will be used in. They can either be made to fit the existing decor of a room, or Elizabeth can produce fabrics to complement the window.


Clients frequently enjoy having family members and friends depicted in their windows. There is something magical about seeing your loved ones immortalized in a beautiful stained glass window.

Elizabeth works from photographs, and hand paints the figures onto the glass. Other desired images can be incorporated in the design, such as pets, family crests, or just about anything you can imagine.


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