A is For Angels is now available in a stunning softcover!
A is for Angels is a full-color art book for children, containing slides of each of the alphabet windows based on a a New Testament theme.
Each slide is faced by a beautifully laid out biblical verse.  Robbins Studios is currently seeking publisher to produce this product.  In the mean time, you may purchase the softcover version.
The book contains full-color images of each illuminated window, and its accompanying line of scripture. Softcover book is bound with plastic comb bindings, which allow you to remove pages for easy use in the classroom, to post on a wall, or integrate with a letter scrapbook. 
  1. Single copies: $19.95 Plus 5$ shipping.
  2. Discounts available for multiple copies.

A is For Angels Windows

Single   A set of 26

$700 Plus shipping and handling


$15,000 Plus shipping and handling 

  Click on the image above to visit A is for Angels gallery page.

Full-Color Posters

All of the slides are available in high-quality posters (contact us):
    8 x 10 Poster : $15
    11 x 14 Poster: $25
    16 x 20 Poster: $35
All prices plus Shipping and Handling
To commission a custom window, or to purchase an existing window, contact Elizabeth for a free consultation.
Call (802) 249-1315 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Payment: Checks
Shipping: FedEx
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