7 Amazing Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

When it comes to decorating a newly built house or renovating one that already exists, one of the areas that helps improve the entire look is the front yard. We asked our friends at Pembroke Pines Tree Services and they said, “it almost gives visitors a glimpse of what the house is going to feel like when inside; after all, most books are judged by its cover until they’re finally read.” Similarly, the front yard gives friends and family an idea of what your place is going to look like because it is the first impression that any onlooker gets. This is why it’s so important that it look great and pleasing to the eye.

Here is a list of seven front yard landscaping ideas that would definitely make your property stand out while considering a reasonable budget:

1. Multi-colored Small Pots with Plants

Color scheming is one of the most common ideas employed in landscaping a front yard. Doing this is simple! Search online for multi-colored pots and pick out a few colors that stand out to you. If you’re a real arts and crafts lover, you can paint the pots yourself. The idea is to paint them three to four different colors. Next, we’ll pair them with different small outdoor plants such as euphorbia, ornamental pepper, Angelonia and nemesia. You may also want to visit a local nursery and see what type of flowers you consider beautiful and are local. The bright multi-colored small potted plants inside colored pots add vibrancy to the landscape and the overall front yard.

2. Privacy Shrubs Combined with Flower Hedges

If your yard is bigger than usual, a great idea is to plant privacy shrubs at the outer edges. One thing to really take into account is the potential size of the shrubs. You don’t want to plant something that will ultimately grow to be 40 ft by 40 ft, for example. Be sure to take that extra step of looking into the size of the shrub you’ll be planting. Sometimes, however, too much of the green shrubs becomes monotonous. This is why we suggest adding flower hedges. Flower hedges would add a beautiful, new dynamic to your property, significantly enhancing your yard. Here’s a great example of this precise type of exterior design (Exterior Design Youtube Video)

3. Front Yard Trees

Trees, trees, trees! We all know how important trees are for the environment and fortunately, nature has blessed us with thousands of different types of trees. Trees provide shade in hot, sunny places, protect homes from cold winds and are simply beautiful and magnificent! Visit your local tree nursery and see what types of trees you would love to have. Keep in mind, you’ll now be able to utilize this space for sitting and spending leisure time. You should also look into beautiful options like dogwoods, eastern redbuds, red maples and poplars. They are not only colorful but are available in different shapes and sizes as well.

4. Fountain Surrounded with Flowers

This is another great option for yards that have ample space in them. A fountain bed surrounded with pansies or petunias would make a great attraction for any yard and is simple yet delightful.

5. Pebbled Flooring

In any yard, walkways for strolling are not only convenient but also look great if designed properly by the landscape engineers. Pebbled floors through your yard will give your space a lovely look while giving you a convenient way to get to your front door.

6. Upcycling and Planting Old Trees

I personally believe that upcycling is therapeutic so why not do it for the yard? The best way to use an old tree log would be to clean it, put some soil inside and plant flowers (no matter what kind). It makes such a beautiful addition to the yard and easy to budget as well. These can be put at the ends of the yard to avoid any accidents and to keep the energy flowing.

7. Plant Hangers

To be honest, there is nothing prettier than hanging baskets with flowers in them. A great landscaping idea would be to add hanging flower baskets on your porch or under trees. Again, see what grows local or check out petunias, geraniums, begonias and lantanas.

Most of these options may require the help of a professional, especially if you’re dealing with trees or heavy shrubs. If you need more information on landscaping or tree maintenance, contact a reputable arborist in your area who’s familiar with the variety of local plant species or visit our trusted landscaping partner’s website www.ppinestreeservices.com.

The ideas and possibilities here are endless- you could find a million of these articles from other bloggers who are absolutely brilliant at outdoor design spread across the internet. In this article, I attempted to jot down the most attractive landscape ideas that would add colour to any front yard and make it look beautiful to the eyes and soothing to the mind.

Thank you for spending time with my today!