5 Easy Home Decorating Tips

Our home aren’t simply where we go to shower and sleep; our homes are much more. I always tell my customers to treat the home as if it were another member of your family. Taking care of it’s cleanliness and appearance is something that isn’t just great for the space you live in, but  will reward you with a peace and happiness you never knew was there.

Wanting a home to look and feel great is one thing but actually making it happen is another! Many people get stuck on picking the color pallet, or deciding on the type of materials to combine, or even the textures. Yea, it can be pretty tough if you don’t have experience.

This is why I created this post. I want to give all my readers ideas and options so they could boldly redecorate.

Tip 1: Hang Pendant Lights

Lighting is a crucial part of designing any space. As a matter of fact, having the wrong lighting could really negatively affect the experience you’re trying to create for guests.

A visually striking option to lighting a space is pendant lighting. It does both, provide brilliant, full lighting along with a beautiful design that’s sure to make your room stand out. Be sure, however, to select pendant lights that are bold. Don’t settle for an overly simple light unless you’re designing a hyper-minimalist space.

Tip 2: Introduce Large Indoor Plants

Nature is absolutely perfect! It’s no wonder urban landscapes rely on plants to make space more beautiful. This is the case for the exterior of any property as well as the interior.

Arranging large plants inside a space or in the hallways of a space will drastically improve the look and feel of that space. It’s as if the space morphs into a more livable area to work or play in. Green is such an abundant color in the outdoors that humans don’t realize how beautifully it breaks up the monotony of a rooms decor. Here’s a short video with some amazing indoor large plant ideas.

Tip 3: Use an Open Floor Plan

Walls and privacy are a thing of the past! If you want to make your space look bigger, an open plan design is the way to go. By eliminating walls and separators, your space will become more fluid and visually appealing. It will feel less claustrophobic and will allow light to freely move around from window to window.

Since this mostly pertains to common living and working spaces, this type of design will appeal to just about everybody, unless you’re an angry hermit.

Tip 4: Give your Walls some Love

Yes, you read that right. Having poorly dressed or worse, naked walls, is one of the worst things you could do to your space. Many times, you can select an accent wall and paint it a different, bold color or even add a wallpaper that has an interesting and unique pattern. Placing beautiful art over these walls will really be the finishing touch to a well groomed space.

Tip 5: Art Displays

Who says art is only for walls? Taking artwork and setting it up around the room on furniture and stands will really give your space a feel of sophistication and uniqueness. Make art displays a part of your decor arsenal and don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to put what. The initial setup will eventually evolve to where you and your room can both breathe easier and enjoy.

Just getting started and taking small steps toward a new experience in your daily life is imperative to the possible outcome that is, a better more relaxed and beautiful space and you! Take your time and explore!