Best Stained Glass Window Ideas for Your Home

If you think stained glass windows only fill the church interiors with light and color, then you’re completely wrong. Stained glass windows give an exquisite look and feel to your overall house as well. When sunlight crosses your windows into your home, it takes a wonderful characteristic but when it crosses through colored glass, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s discuss some of the stained glass windows designs that are in style these days. Remember, you could always decorate with stained glass on art displays to give your space a more eclectic feel!

Antique Stained Glass

These windows contain geometric shapes on them and are often fitted in areas of the home where art is displayed. It will easily fit in with the overall theme of your place. Apart from geometric shapes, you can also find antique stained glass windows with vibrant floral and heart designs. 

Copper Foiled Stained Glass

One of the most luxurious types of stained glass is the one wrapped with foil and then soldered. This type of stained glass requires an extra step where the foil is additionally colored with a combination of color chemicals. The finished product, however, is absolutely gorgeous.

Leaded Glass

Leaded glass windows are also widely used these days. This type of glass generally does not have color, so the glass will be clear or opaque. In this process, glass pieces are cut out, and joined together using a lead compound creating absolutely beautiful design.

Custom-Made Stained Glass

The design of a stained glass window unites lines with beautiful colors and textures creating purposeful, artful, and magical colored light. You can have custom-made stained glass windows to give an exquisite look to your home with a feel that’s unique and perfect for your decor.

Benefits of Stained Glass Windows in Your Home

Stained glass windows are versatile and create a very warm environment for your home. Furthermore, you can use them anywhere in your home. Many homeowners put them in foyers as well as rooms and staircases. You can sync them with your color scheme of the walls and furniture to uplift the interior of your home.

They bring an element of interest to a boring interior- all of a sudden, that couch seems to be a lot nicer. Custom-made stained glass will uplift a dull interior with vibrant colors.

Stained glass windows can be used as replacement windows to offer privacy too. These windows are ornately decorated, thus reduces the see-through nature of the glass. 

Where Should You Use Stained Glass In Your Home?

Bathroom doors are a perfect place to use stained glass. Luckily, water doesn’t affect these windows so installing them in a room that has moisture is actually a good idea. Moreover, it adds a nice look to the bathroom as well.

To add a luxurious touch to your home, you can use stained glass in the ceiling of your house. Maybe a little extra, but hey, I didn’t want to leave that out!

No Concern With Light

Stained glass windows let light come into the home so you shouldn’t be concerned about getting enough light- at least not during the day. Also, the design inside the glass will not fade away so your window will remain looking beautiful and fresh for years.

How The House Feels After Having Stained Glass?

Stained glass windows add character and elegance to your house. You’ll notice a  very warm and welcoming vibe that will delight you and your guests. No matter whether you put them in the foyer, ceiling, bathroom window or shower doors, they will really add a fantastic touch to the look and feel of your space.

I hope you enjoyed this piece on stained glass. One of my biggest inspirations was Elizabeth Robbins. Her work was absolutely bold and beautiful. She doesn’t know the impact reading about her made on my choice to love and pursue art. Read more about her here.