Interior Design Ideas

The inside of your home needs to be a direct reflection of your soul. This is the place where you sit, relax, and spend the most time with friends and family. Be sure to make it an experience for everybody to appreciate.

Exterior Design Ideas

We walk outside and immediately are taken to a time when we didn’t have air conditioning or even grocery stores. Make the time you spend exploring your surroundings is something that brings you joy!

Window Ideas

Where you put your stuff is almost is important to your well-being, even if most people don’t think so. Keeping your space clutter-free and your storage neat will greatly improve your overall life experiences.

Importance of Proper Home Decor

Use this space to tell people what your company does and why and how it does it. What are you known for? Who likes you? What’s your number one competitive advantage?

The world around you moves so fast, that often times its tough to keep up with even our own thoughts. No matter where we go, or what we do, the things that surround us, the colors that fill our eyes are things we have zero control over.

Whether it was that high school lunch room walls, or the fluorescent lights above and the dark carpet beneath our feet in the office, it’s clear we have no control over what our surroundings will look and feel like.

This is why it’s so important to focus our attention and love on the beauty and comfort that potentially exists in the space we live in. Our home is far more than a shelter, or place to rest.

This is why showing your love and gratitude to the space the gives you so much, will completely change the way you experience every day of your life. Making your space as unique and beautiful as you are will create the environment every person needs to feel safe, comfortable and free.

This environment, however, isn’t the same for everybody. The colors and elements that suggest peace and tranquility for some people might appear dull and stale for others. Who you are is the absolute, defining factor when selecting the perfect vibe to surround yourself with.

Do you prefer tranquility over vibrancy? Do you need occasional silence or is the absence of sound deafening to you? Does your soul constantly yearn for adventure or do you require rest and relaxation to contrast your hectic pace? What makes us human are the things that make us unique- it’s the subtle differences that exist whose DNA is practically identical from person to person. These are subtle differences will forever unite us as each one of us has them- alas, the fact that we’re different that we all have in common.

Embrace your peculiarity, your particular understanding of the world; your biases and perspectives undoubtedly fuel your existence with truths that none of us can substantiate. As we accumulate these truths, we form powerful ideas and opinions. That’s who you are. That’s what will guide you to select the perfect decor for a space you owe so much to. Imagine experiencing your dream space every time you come home.

Our gallery is designed to make you feel like you know what your space need.

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What Inspires You?

Everyday we’re surrounded by hundreds of sources of inspiration. Since gratitude is such a huge source of inspiration for me, it becomes hard not to see all the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. You see, it’s important for me to keep a brilliantly peaceful perspective at all times, even when things get a little hectic. This is why I believe the space you live in should reflect the type of environment you would ideally need in order to find this peace and tranquility. If you really want to get deeper into it, this is defining what “home” truly means to you!

One of my greatest inspirations was Elizabeth Robbins of Lyndon Vermont. Her work ethic, humble beginnings and passion for art, particularly stained glass, really had a profound effect on my view of art and decor. You can read more about her in the About page, where I dedicated a section to her work.

Growing up I was always fascinated with all types of different art from all around the world- the internet gave me a huge ability to access so many people’s work. One day, I decided to look up my name. I looked up different variations of my name and found an artist came up with the website, Elizabeth Robbins Studios. When I looked at her art, I became so inspired; it was like being one step closer to figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I read her bio and did even more research on her. What I found was such an inspiration, that I started to focus on design and decor.

My goal here is to use my passion to help you find your perfect design! The most important thing to consider when furnishing & decorating any room is who you are. Do you know what will make you feel great in your space? Let us help!